Uses Of Hardwood Veneer

When we talk of hardwood veneer we are referring to a wood product that is derived from hardwood. It is obtained from angiosperm trees. This wood variety grows more slowly than other trees. The grains of the wood are dense and close and there are different properties that the wood possesses for which it is known for the beauty, durability and quality. Hardwood has become expensive as it is a scare resource in recent times. For that reason, hardwood veneer has opted for as it offers similar aesthetic qualities, but it is cheaper than true hardwood. 

What is a veneer?

The veneer is created by thin wooden strips that are overlaid over a backing of cheaper wood. Hence hardwood veneer used in antique reproduction furniture would be placed over plywood or particle board. There are other materials on which hardwood veneer is used. Inlays of hardwood veneer are common. Here thin strips of a certain hardwood variety are laid across other solid pieces which come from other hardwood species.

Common hardwood varieties used as veneer

When it comes to creating a hardwood veneer it can be obtained from trees like ebony, cherry, mahogany, maple, beech, oak, ash, holly and others. For use hardwood veneer on antique reproduction furniture one would have to harvest veneer by cutting, shaving or sawing trees at a certain angle. This helps to determine the veneer. Some veneers are grainy, which is cut against the wooden base which highlights the different variations ingrained in the wood. Others take on a smooth and even appearance.

Uses of veneer

Hardwood veneer is used for creating flooring, furniture, counters, inlays and other items. The veneer is cheaper than using solid hardwood due to which inlays can be created out of veneer with patterns that help create specific wooden look and feel. Veneer furniture has the look and feel similar to hardwood furniture for which it is popular. Also, it is more easily afforded than true hardwood furniture. Lumber companies usually stock up on veneer sheets as well as home supply retail outlets which are taken on by furniture makers and interior designers.

Reworks and finishes

For those who are looking to give their old furniture a new look and feel, they can opt for hardwood veneer. These sheets can be reworked or added as finishes to existing items. Also, any project that is being worked upon can see the use of veneers as inlays. Hardwood veneers have two different sides. They also come in varied finishes. Some have adhesive backings that make them easily attached to different furniture objects and surfaces. Different ways of using hardwood veneer can be researched through the different blogs and forums on interior and furniture design. Have a look at this page if you want a custom made funiture.