How To Design An Attractive Sale Poster?

We’ve all come across sale posters from time to time. Some of them, we hardly give a glance to , while for others, we slow down our cars and also perhaps step out to see what the closing down sale poster says.

The trick lies in the inventiveness and designs of these closing down sale posters. The more eye catching they are, the better your chances of converting the sale successfully. The same rule also applies to stickers of real estate, where the reputation of the real estate agent is at stake, so no room for any errors here as well.

As it is, visual media has grabbed our eyeballs and there’s no escaping it. So there are a few rules that one should follow in general to ensure that the design stands out from the rest.

•    Size of the poster: before you start putting pen to paper, spare some thought about the size that you want the poster to be. There are many sizes to choose from and you should only settle for what’s best for your purposes. For example, there are massive sale now posters available, but they will not work if you’re looking to sell your pet turtle with the help of a poster in front of your house. If the poster’s too small, it will not attract attention, but on the other hand if it’s huge and without content, people would regard it as a nuisance.

•    Eye friendly: your poster should be easy on the eyes of the reader. Design plays an important part in this, and if your designing skills are inadequate, do hire the services of a professional poster designer, who can tailor make your idea into a workable one and present it properly. A good rule of thumb is to use bold and large letters for the text and simple and easily recognizable graphics that people relate to.

•    Contrast and brightness of the sign: choice of colour is a very rudimentary aspect in sales poster designing. You might have seen huge “for sale” posters come out of a poster factory. What was the one thing they had in common? They caught your attention. Colours, like yellow and red, can be seen from a long distance as their wavelengths are the highest , so you could make use of this piece of information when designing your next “for sale” poster.

•    Where to place the poster: this is a no-brainer. You need only to walk up and down the street where you live and see that people tend to look down as they walk, so placing a poster at knee-length is a good idea. To draw attention from a distance, it is recommended that the poster be situated above eye level.